2016 9/11 Memorial

Pictured above are the emergency services and participants of Hillsdale’s annual memorial service for 911
Photo provided by Patti Mauro

15 years after 911, the members of the Hillsdale Emergency Services continue the tradition of the their unique memorial service to honor those lost on that fateful day. Every year since that day, on 9/11 Hillsdale’s Fire Department, Police Department and Ambulance Service gather in the downtown park along Hillsdale Avenue, and line up to face East to silently honor and respect all those who perished that day. There are no speeches, no programs, just a silent time to reflect, broken only by a call to attention and presenting of arms at the two times the planes crashed into the Trade Center. It is a quiet yet powerful memorial service. Many people passing by, slow down to salute, cry, cross themselves, and big trucks crawl by as to not disturb the event. In time the numbers have grown and is now attended as well by the Hillsdale Legion along with many residents of Hillsdale and surrounding towns.

It will continue to be a tradition and time honored service to all who “Will Never Forget.”