Learn more about the classifications of our membership below

If you are interested in joining our team, we will provide all necessary training. Please note: there is no experience required.

Emergency Medical Technician

An EMT is trained to assess a patient's condition, and to perform such emergency procedures as deemed necessary to maintain a patent airway with adequate breathing and cardiovascular circulation, until the patient can be transferred to an appropriate destination for advanced medical care. Interventions include cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation, controlling severe bleeding, preventing shock, head neck and spine immobilization to prevent spinal damage, and the splinting of bone fractures.

Crew Chief

A Crew Chief is an EMT who is responsible for pre-hospital care at the BLS level as outlined by the NJOEMS and Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance Service's policies/guidelines. This person would be the supervisor for the shift. While all members work cohesively as a team, a Crew Chief ensures the shift and patient care is completed satisfactorily. A Crew Chief is responsible for making sure probationary and cadet members are learning how to properly and effectively use the equiptment and have the knowledge of where all equiptment is by conducting a "rig check" with their crew. It is also the responsibility of the crew chief to teach a probationary EMT and Cadet how to write an electronic Patient Care Report (also known as an ePCR).

Probationary Member

A probationary member is a member over the age of 18 who is still within the probationary membership period. Generally, there is only one probationary member on a crew at a time, however, a Crew Chief may have a probationary member and cadet on a crew at the same time. A probationary member would complete all the same tasks as an EMT would.


Drivers are responsible for the safety of not only the patient, but the crew as well; both enroute to the hospital, and back to the squad building. All drivers are either CEVO or EVOC certified, and have been cleared to drive by a unanimous decision from the line officers. Prior to driving with a patient on board, all drivers must complete a minimum of 10 trips driving back from the hospital unloaded.


Cadets are any member from the ages of 16-18. While unable to act as a primary caregiver, a cadet is allowed to observe and take part in a patient's treatment. The Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance Service typically permits only one Cadet to ride each duty night, to promote one-on-one education with their Crew Chief.