2016 9/11 Memorial

Pictured above are the emergency services and participants of Hillsdale’s annual memorial service for 911   
Photo provided by Patti Mauro


15 years after 911,  the members of the Hillsdale Emergency Services continue the tradition of the their unique memorial service to honor those lost on that fateful day. Every year since that day, on 9/11  Hillsdale’s Fire Department, Police Department and Ambulance Service gather in the downtown park along Hillsdale Avenue, and line up to face East to silently honor and respect all those who perished that day.  There are no speeches, no programs,  just a silent time to reflect, broken only by a call to attention and presenting of arms at the two times the planes crashed into the Trade Center.  It is a quiet yet powerful memorialservice.  Many people passing by, slow down to salute, cry, cross themselves, and big trucks crawl by as to not disturb the event.  In time the numbers have grown and is now attended as well by the Hillsdale Legion along with manyresidents of Hillsdale and surrounding towns. 

It will continue to be a tradition and time honored service to all who “Will Never Forget.”

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HVAS 1st Annual Carnival

The Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance Service would like to thank all who attended their recent carnival with proceeds helping to purchase a much needed new ambulance.  The ambulance service relies mostly on the donations and gifts it receives for operating costs and equipment and appreciates the support it receives from the community.

Pictured above are the members of the Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance, along with friends, families, and volunteers, who all worked tirelessly to make the event successful and fun!

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HVAS Community Life Article

"On the late afternoon of May 10 at Hillsdale Volunteer Ambulance Service (HVAS) headquarters, it seemed like a quiet Tuesday night. Inside the quaint building on Washington Avenue, there's a tidy kitchen a few feet from the garage in which the rig is parked. 

Farther in, near the living area, the walls of which are adorned with 1970s-era paneling, there are a few comfy couches surrounding an older television set, to which a Nintendo 64 system is hooked, and some tables and chairs.

The only people inside the building are Capt. John Beatty and Vice President Lori Famoso, who is interviewing a candidate. Beatty is about to sit down when the phone rings.

"We're not usually this busy," says Beatty, before answering the call.

But the truth is, in the past four years the corps has seen an uptick in calls. In 2012, they answered about 750, and last year, that number jumped to over 900."


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January & February Call Stats

Stats are tallied for January and February! Already had 210 dispatches this year with HVAS handling 165 of them and receiving mutual aid 45 times through our mutual aid agreement with towns in the Pascack Valley area. We did 90 calls in January which was an average of almost 3 a day!

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Apple iPhone Medical ID

The Medical ID feature is built in to the new Health application found in iOS 8 for iPhone. Users can configure it by launching Health, tapping the Medical ID menu in the bottom right, and then choosing "Create Medical ID."

iPhone users with a passcode-locked handset can consider enabling the "Show When Locked" function, providing first responders or anyone else with emergency access to their Medical ID. Enabling this feature allows the Medical ID to be viewed by swiping the lock screen, tapping "Emergency," and then viewing the digital information.

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